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About me




All my fine prints are printed on fibre-based material, mostly Ilford’s Multi-grade matt or Warmtone semi-matt, and toned with sepia or sulphide, selenium and gold for their tone and permanency.


My films of choice are Ilford’s FP4plus or Delta 100.


I work with a variety of cameras including 35mm Olympus OMIs, medium format Agfa folding cameras, Envoy wides, Rolleiflexes, Mamiyaflexes and a Mamiya RB67, in addition to several cameras adapted from 1910-20 Kodaks and various plate cameras, up to 15” x 12”, from around 1900.


Curriculum Vitae


Date of Birth: 30.4.1944


Education / Work


1957 - 1960   Attended Moseley School of Art

1960 - 1965   Studied painting at Birmingham College of Art

1965 - 1966   Worked as an antique restorer in London

1966 - 1968    Hitch-hiked to India. Worked as a volunteer with Tibetan refugees.

1968 - 1969    Trained as a teacher at the University of Wales, Cardiff

1969 - 1973    Taught art at the Highfield school, Letchworth

1973 - 1979    Head of Art at the Meridian School, Royston

1979 - 2004   Lecturer in Art at Oxford College of Further Education


Awards / Projects


1974 - S.L.R. camera magazine, National Award Winner

1979 - School photographic project featured in the British Journal of Photography

1986 - Ran a workshop at the Museum of Modern Art, Oxford to coincide with a De Chirico exhibition

1987 - 1988  Worked in a school as part of the Museum of Modern Art’s “Photography across the Curriculum” 

1988 - Commissioned to photograph “Street Life” in Venice

1989 - Became chairman of Oxford Photography

1990   Invited to join the Arena Group




1982   Henley,The Bohum Gallery - paintings

1983   Oxford, The Photographers’ Workshop - paintings and photographs

1985   Oxford, The Ferry Pool Centre - photographs

1986   Radley, Radley College - paintings and photographs

1988   Oxford, Ruskin College - photographs with Paul Kilsby

1988   London, St Pauls School - photographs with Paul Kilsby

1989   Radley, Radley College - photographs

1990   Lincoln, Lincoln College of Art - mixed show of photographs

1990   Basingstoke, The Street Gallery - an Arena show

1991   Wallingford, The Gottlieb Gallery, Carmel College - photographs

1991   London, The Cotten Centre - an Arena show

1991   Croyden, Fairfield Hall - an Arena Show

1992   Bradford, The National Museum of Photography - Part of the exhibition - “North / South”

1992   London, The Barbican Centre - an Arena show

1993   Lincoln College of Art - a landscape exhibition with Fay Godwin, Pete Davies, John Nesbitt, John Blakemore and Mark J Edwards      

1994   Poole, The Seldown Gallery, “Sea-sides” with Tony Worobiec

1995   Newbury, The Corn Exchange - still life photographs

1996   Perm, Russia - with Paul Kilsby

1997   Oxford, Oxford Museum - “Museum Pieces” exhibition

1997   Gainsborough, Lincolnshire - photographs

1998  Oxford, The Photographers Workshop- “Working with old cameras”

2000   filmed by Style TV discussing my work with old cameras

2001  Paris, la Chambre Claire - still life photographs

2003  Paris, la Chambre Claire - street photographs

2007  Oxford, St John’s College - Eden Photographs

2008  Eden Project, Cornwall - “Earthly Delights” plant photographs

2009  Stow, Lensky Gallery - Eden and Still Life photographs

2010  Truro, Royal Cornwall Museum - Eden and Museum photographs

2012  Oxford, Art Jericho - Eden, Museum and Still life photographs

2013  Lacock, Fox Talbot Museum - Museum work in exhibition “Shades of Grey”

Personal Statement


Having trained as a painter, I travelled overland to India forty years ago without a camera. During the two years I stayed there, I became increasingly aware that I was constantly framing images in my mind. On my return to England I bought an old SLR camera and there started a lifetime’s passion for photography and the photographic image.


Over the years, I have been influenced by changing situations and opportunities, as well as by the availability of different equipment and materials. Initially, an interest in surrealism, and lunchtimes spent in central Oxford, took me to the street, recording bizarre coincidences and the ambiguous interrelationships between people and their surroundings in an urban setting. Later, a fascination with old, medium format and plate cameras has led me to work increasingly within the context of rural and coastal landscape, and on still life.


Most recently, I have spent 14 months photographing at the Eden Project in Cornwall, recording the pattern and structure of the plant forms there. Many of my subjects are fallen leaves and blossoms which lie unnoticed by visitors to the biomes.

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